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Your home. Our Mission.


Tech is the Future

The future is now

As the nation’s most innovative luxury brokerage, Compass provides us with powerful technology that empowers us to predict market trends, confidently evaluate properties, and achieve the greatest return. 

The good news? Interest in your neighborhood is currently high among buyers, with listing estimates to match. 

Curious to learn your home’s projected worth? Contact Mike & Marta today for a complimentary consultation.

Mike & Marta | Compass

Mike & Marta are a passionate team with 30 years experience combined and $175 Million in career sales. Compass backs us with collaborative veteran brokers; design and marketing experts likes Apple and Condé Nast to name a couple; software engineers and data scientists from Twitter, Google, and Facebook who continue building analytical tools to help us sell your home smarter. Together, we are pioneering ways to make your property look its absolute best and sell at the highest price possible.


Request a Custom Valuation 

Whether you’re ready to sell or looking for answers, we’ll guide you with data and expertise specific to your area.

Our team of industry-leading software engineers and data scientists are building analytical tools to help you answer real estate’s toughest questions.

Request a custom Valuation to discover real-time insights for your area.

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Your Guide to Selling

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Seller's Guide

Here's our playbook. Have a look and we'll tailor another version to your very unique property.


Your Team

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We are your neighbors, your friends, your local real estate pros. And we've been in the real estate game awhile so we know a thing or two...

For starters, we know you're smart. We know you're successful. You've got to be. New York Real Estate is expensive and not everyone is cut out for this. So your requirements for lucrative investments and high yielding transactions are our focus. 

We also know you're already following the market. You know the average price per square foot in nearby buildings, local trends, and neighborhood development.

Let this be our baseline. What you need to know is we are like you, only our sole focus is real estate. We are investors and property owners too. This is all we do. 

Speaking of doers, Compass launched in 2012 endeavoring to streamline the real estate process, one market at a time. Since then, we have established ourselves of as a private, luxury real estate brokerage with more than 40 offices across the 10 Regions in the United States.

Compass is the country's fastest growing, most innovative brokerage. Our expansive 2,000 agent network, aggregated data tech, and unprecedented growth helps us sell your property for the greatest return -- in record-setting time. 

Let us show you what we offer.


National Network

Since our launch in 2012, we’ve aimed to simplify the real estate process, one market at a time. With 140+ offices across 20+ regions, Compass is the country’s fastest-growing, most innovative brokerage.



Number of Compass agents nationwide


Number of our major markets


Our brokerage rank in National Markets


Number of Compass Offices


Total sales volume to date


Value of current Compass exclusives


Our Tools


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The Market &  Your Property

In just five years, Compass is valued at $2.2 Billion as a Tech-based Real Estate Company. And we -- Mike & Marta -- are veteran brokers with nearly 30 years experience and $175 Million in combined sales. Our team is backed by top software engineers and data scientists who are building analytical tools to help you answer real estate’s toughest questions.

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1. Valuation

What is the value of my property?

Our proprietary Valuation tool allows us to instantaneously compare your home to the most similar properties on and off the market to accurately determine its value.

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2. Network

How will my agent reach buyers?

We have 350+ parameters to determine comparable listings, identify cooperating brokers, and correspond with the ideal prospective buyers through a series of digital campaigns and targeted outreach.

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3. Insights

What analytics will my agent use to market and track my property?

We can now track the performance of your sale! Insights empowers us to take a data-driven approach to selling your home. Real-Time data allows us to track your sale's metrics useful for lead-generating opportunities.

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4. Collections

How long will it take for my property to sell?

Called the "Pinterest" of real estate, Collections is built into our Homes app and also accessible online. Collections allows you to monitor the market with us. It's a central, visual, and collaborative space. It's awesome.

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5. Market Data

Is there an app to show me real-time data to verify pricing?

Market data has never been more readily available. Track and monitor your home's competition


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Global Presence

Owing to a considered geo-targeting strategy, Compass listings have a digital presence in over 50 nations around the world.


Compass is the Largest Domestic & Global Network

As the fastest-growing brokerage in the country, our national infrastructure is paired with affiliates in every luxury market around the globe, affording unprecedented property exposure. 



Countries to which Compass syndicates listings


Our international impressions per year



Potential international social impressions each year


International real estate syndication portals


Unique international users on per year


Framing Your Property for a Global Audience

Our International email newsletter, Compass Connect, features our luxurious exclusives and reaches more than 15,000 luxury agents worldwide.

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As a private luxury real estate brokerage with more than 2,000 agents across 40 offices in 20 markets across the country, we hire selectively to ensure your agent is a trusted partner.

We use proprietary tools to price and position your home to find the best buyer.

20x $8 Billion


Our average sales volume compared to the national average.


$8 Billion

Annualized sales volume of our current agent population.


Real Time Data

Our team of industry-leading software engineers and data scientists are building analytical tools to help you answer real estate’s toughest questions.


Your home, everywhere

Working with our in-house marketing and advertising agency, your agent will target the right audience across the most effective channels. Our cohesive brand identity will elevate the style and story of your home.

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Fewer days on market means more value for you

Backed by data-driven strategy, Compass listings spend 19 fewer days on market than the industry average.

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Regional Success

Since our 2012 launch, we've improved the real estate process through a combination of expansion, investment, and innovation. A look back at how we've transformed the market:


Tech rules in 2019


In June 2017, we unveiled the Compass mission to help everyone find their place in the world. Based on the reaction from all of you and the many people outside of the company that took notice, I know we captured the deeply personal impact we make in the lives of everyone we touch. In October, we shared our vision for 20% market share in the top 20 U.S. cities by the end of 2020, and the four products we will launch in 2018 to propel us toward that vision. Just two months later, with a $100 million capital raise from Fidelity Management and $450 million from SoftBank, as well as a very successful launch in Chicago with over 50 amazing agents including the #1 agent in Chicago Jeff Lowe, those stretch goals for 2020 are feeling more and more within our reach.


$4.4 Billion Valuation

September 27, 2018

Compass nabs $400M, valuing the real estate technology startup at $4.4B

With an incredible team of people, plenty of capital, and the wind at our backs, Compass is entering a period of tremendous growth for Compass. 2018 will be the year where we focus on expansion — expansion of our technology platform and geographic expansion to every major market in the country. Combining the technology platform with leading market share in every major market, 2019 will be the year where we become the largest owner of real estate data in the U.S., giving Compass a significant competitive advantage.




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Cobble Hill



Financial District

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Prospect Heights





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